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Timmer GmbH
Dieselstraße 37 (Site I)
D-48485 Neuenkirchen

Timmer GmbH
Auf der Lauge 4 (Site II)
D-48485 Neuenkirchen

Phone: +49 (0)5973-9493-0
Fax: +49 (0)5973-9493-90
Email: info@timmer.de

Turnover tax ID.: DE 124388442
Commercial Register No.: HRB 3728

Timmer GmbH has three managing directors:

Herbert Timmer

Klaus Gehrmann
(general manager/department manager operative and technical department)

Wolfgang Kamlage
(general manager/department manager operative and technical department)

Die Timmer GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001

Contact Persons:
Sales Management :: 05973 9493-21
Wolfgang Kamlage (general manager)

Sales Management :: 05973 9493-22
Klaus Gehrmann (general manager)

Sales Management :: 05973 9493-36
Annette Schubert (assistant)

Office-based Technical Support ::
+49(0)5973 / 9493-40
+49(0)5973 / 9493-9118
E-Mail: technik@timmer.de

Marketing ::
Dr. Oliver Timmer (Prokurist)
Tel.: +49(0)5973 / 9493-85
Fax: +49(0)5973/9493-9185
E-Mail: otimmer@timmer.de

Quality Assurance ::
Ronny Krauledat (head of department)
Tel.: +49(0)5973 / 9493-33
Fax: +49(0)5973 / 9493-9134
E-Mail: krauledat@timmer.de

Head of Commercial Affairs ::
Stefan Hönes (Prokurist / authorized signatory)
Tel.: +49(0)5973 / 9493-14
Fax: +49(0)5973 / 9493-9114
E-Mail: hoenes@timmer.de

Purchase ::
Thomas Geers (head of department)
Tel.: +49(0)5973 / 9493-26
Fax: +49(0)5973 / 9493-9107
E-Mail: geers@timmer.de

General Information and Disclaimer
All prices mentioned on our internet presence are without any obligations and subject to confirmation and alterations.

All technical and optical data to our products are without any oblications and subject to confirmation and alterations.

We can not ensure actuality and correctness of all information on our web sites. Please do directly contact us about the subject matter.

Our offers apply to industrial enterprises (OEMs, end-users). Private consumers (according to § 13 BGB) may generally not order from Timmer GmbH.

In case we placed hyperlinks to external web sites, this does not mean we evaluated the corresponding sites intensively in terms of integrity or that we embrace their contents. Please examine these carefully and critically and form your own opinions

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Timmer GmbH

Dieselstrasse 37
48485 Neuenkirchen

+49 (0)5973 9493-0
We offer ...
A great variety of products, low prices, custom solutions, on-site production and technical support for all fields of our activity: Pneumatics, pneumatic accessories, dosing technology, pumps, vacuum technology and vacuum lifting systems.
We work with pressurized air successfully since over thirty years, having started from the field of industrial pneumatics. Pneumatic pumps, ejectors and vacuum lifting technologies were then added. Today, we sell our products all over the world and have over onehundred employees.
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Pneumatic Accessories
(complete catalogue)
Download Catalogue (PDF)

Industrial Pneumatics
(complete catalogue)
Download Catalogue (PDF)

Vacuum Lifting Technology
(complete catalogue)
Download Catalogue (PDF)

Vacuum Technology
(complete catalogue)
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Dosing Technology
(complete catalogue)
Product Range
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