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Suction cups programme: vacuum suction cups


Suction cup / vacuum suction cups with TIVAtec

We offer an extensive programme of vacuum suction cups for a great variety of applications and made of various materials like chloropren, silicon, polyurethan, ethylen-propylen.

Flat suction cup
The flat suction cup is typically used on flat surfaces, particularly when high holding forces are needed. The flat suction cup has only a slight deformation and is very accurate with positioning tasks.

Universal suction cup
The universal suction cup is applied preferentially on flat or slightly curved surfaces. The universal suction cup here can equalise certain unevenness.

Bellow suction cup
These bellow suction cups have a lifting function and can be applied on flat surfaces as well as on slightly curved surfaces. Tolerances in position of the work pieces in hand can be compensated if needed.

Bellow suction cups long
These bellow suction cups have an even better lifting function. But these suction cups are less stable because of the big number of bellows. They can be used with a vacuum level up to 60%.

Profile suction cup long I
These suction cups are typically applied with rough surfaces as they are characteristic for concrete slabs or for stones

Profile suction cup long II
These suction cups are also applied with rough surfaces. Due to their oval form they are more stable for working on small items.

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