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Vacuum lifters

Vacuum lifters

Vacuum lifters
Model example:
Vacuum slewing lifter TA-VSL-600/1600-400-P-P-R1200 Vacuum slewing liter, max. coil outer Ø1600, inner Ø400, pneumatic vacuum generation, pneumatic slewing movement, cap Ø1200

Application and handling:
Anverra vacuum coil lifters are designed for both gentle and convenient transportation, as well as for slewing split strips. Our systems offer both simple and economic handling. Only one operator is required. The vacuum is generated by a multi-phase TIVAtec vacuum pump, i.e. using compressed air.

On this model, the slewing function is realised by two pneumatic cylinders. There are 4 vacuum circuits and these can be regulated separately via a ball cock. The integrated compressed air reservoir and warning signal together offer the optimum in safety. The present vacuum level can be directly controlled at any time via the vacuum meter. A warning signal will sound in the event of a leak. Excellent vacuum tightness can be achieved using a special seal.

  • sturdy welded frame construction
  • high-efficiency pneumatic vacuum generator
  • individually-designed suction cap (Ø1200/430 mm)
  • 90° slewing range via 2 quality pneumatic cylinders
  • audible safety warning system
  • push-button operation
  • vacuum meter, compressed air tank with check valve

Further slewing lifters are featured in our "Vacuum lifting technology" brochure.

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