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Data :: tubes

marking H-PU-4.3/3-blau
description polyurethane-plastic tube
catalogue Timmer 2001
Catalogue page 76
Grösse 043030

Timmer GmbH offers a large range of hoses. There are the following catchwords: pneumatic hose, pneumatic hoses, compressed air hose, compressed air hoses, twisted tube, twisted tubes, plastic hose, plastic hoses, double tubes, double tube, rubber hose, rubber hoses, food safe tube, food save tubes, UV-tube, UV-tubes, polyamide tube, polyurethane tube, polyethylene tube, solvent tube, food save tube, pressure hose, vcuum hose and so on. Hoses are made of PU or PUR = polyurethane, PA = polyamide, PE = polyethylene, polyethene, PVC, PTFE and so on. you can odder it in colours like blue, red. yellow, nature, silver, black and so on.

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