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Hydraulic Cushioning Cylinders Series OEBP

hydraulic cushioning cylinder
Pneumatic cylinders with incorporated hydraulic cushioning can be used when even and constant prestrokes are required of a pneumatic cylinder, for example during cutting aluminum profiles of window frames with a circular saw. Due to the incorporated hydraulic cushioning, precisely controllable movements can be put into action with nearly no regard to work load. The advantage compared to an ordinary hydraulic cushioning is our hydraulic cushioning being incorporated into a ISO pneumatic cylinder. This does not only result in a compact built as only one unit is needed in the dimensions of a ISO cylinder but also enables usage of standard cylinder mountings.

There are many regulation possibilities via throttles and blocking valves.

Speed regulation:
By manipulating a control spindle, the inward and outward motion speed may be regulated. There is also a scaled throttle available on request which covers the entire throttle range with a 270 turn.

Stop valves:
The stop valve is pneumatically actuated. When the pneumatic signal ceases, the valve blocks the oil cycle during the inward or outward motion and thus blocks the cylinder. When the pneumatic signal is reapplied, the piston rod may be moved again.

Skip valves:
Skip valves are being used when different operation speeds are required within one stroke, for example in drill feed units in which the cylinder movement is supposed to be fast until moments before contact with the drill when a lower speed is required. This means by the skip valve being actuated, the piston rod will move rapidly. Only when the valve is not actuated, the piston rod will move at lower speed.

data sheet:
- Hydraulic Cushioning Cylinder Series OEBP -

On request, the hydraulic cushioning cylinders are also available with outsourced valves or stepper motor controller.

Hydraulic cushioning cylinder
  • 50-160 mm
  • DIN ISO 6431
  • double-acting
  • contactless position sensing
  • adjustable end position cushioning
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