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Pneumatic Accessories

Our pneumatic accessories program is characterized by a huge product range and an excellent price-quality ratio: Compressed air fittings, silencers, tubings, maintenance units, fittings, ball valves, pressure gauges and so forth, in short, everything you need for pneumatic applications and compressed air technologies. Our catalogues supplies extensive information. Orders can be made via online shop, and our website Pneumatikkatalog.de offers plenty downloadable data materials about the pneumatic accessories program (PDF files).

Push-on Fittings
Series A10
Push-in Fittings
Series B10
Push-in Fittings
Series B20
Push-in Fittings
Series B30
Push-in Fittings
Series B40
Push-in Fittings
Series B50
Push-in Fittings
Series B70
Cutting Ring Connectors
Series C10
Hose Connectors
Series E10
Series F10
Rotary Transmission Leadthroughs
Series F20
Series H10
Installation Material
Series J10
Ball Valves
Series K10
Automated Ball Valves
Series K20
Axial Valves
Series K30
Stop Valves
Series L10
Flow Control Valves
Series L20
Logic Valves
Series L30
Quick Couplings
Series L40
Pressure Gauges
Series M10
Pneumatic Motors
Series R10
Solenoid Valves
Series V10
Pressure Switches
Series V60
Pneumatic Timers
Series V80
Special Maintenance Equipment
Series W50
Proportional Regulators
Series W60
Maintenance Units
Series W80
Series Z1
Magnetic Switches
Series Z9
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Timmer GmbH

Dieselstrasse 37
48485 Neuenkirchen

+49 (0)5973 9493-0
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We offer ...
Pneumatic Accessories of highest quality at inexpensive prices. Ordering day and night is possible on Pneumatikshop.de. Order the new catalogue 2010 with over 300 pages for free!
The Timmer Pneumatic GmbH focuses on pneumatic accessories ever since the company was founded thirty years ago.
Download Catalogue (PDF)

Pneumatic Accessories
(complete catalogue)
Download Catalogue (PDF)

Industrial Pneumatics
(complete catalogue)
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Vacuum Lifting Technology
(complete catalogue)
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Vacuum Technology
(complete catalogue)
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Dosing Technology
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Product Range
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