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Pneumatic Cylinders

Timmer GmbH offers a near-complete product range in the field of pneumatic cylinders, as well as special cylinders or large cylinders meeting the requirements of the respective application. Additional Information to single cylinder types can be foand on these web sites, in the download section on www.pneumatikkatalog.de or at our online shop at PneumatikShop.de

Among others, our product range features pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic cushioning cylinders, rodless cylinders, roand cylinders, bellows cylinders, short stroke cylinders, multi-position cylinders, cylinders with piston rods, standard cylinders, Origa cylinders, hydro-pneumatic Cylinders, profile cylinders, cylinders, air cylinders, ISO cylinders, profile barrel cylinders, brake cylinders, tie rod cylinders, blocking cylinders, guided cylinders, compact cylinders, stainless steel cylinders, clamping cylinders, CETOP cylinders, mini cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, positioning cylinders, VDMA cylinders, and special cylinders.

Round Cylinders
Short Stroke Cylinders
Series SZ/SZV
Guided Cylinders
Series FZ
Compact Cylinders
Series NZ/NZV
VDMA Pneumatic Cylinders
Series AZ/AZV
Tie Rod Cylinders
Series DZ
Blocking Cylinders
Series DZB
Blocking Units
Series FSE
Hydraulic Cushioning Cylinders
Series BP
Bellows Cylinders
Series SP
Rodless Cylinders
Series OSP
Series Z10
Magnetic Switches
Series Z90
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Timmer GmbH

Dieselstrasse 37
48485 Neuenkirchen

+49 (0)5973 9493-0
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Industrial Pneumatics
(complete catalogue)
We offer ...
Cylinders and valves for industrial application: We offer both standard pneumatics as well as customized solutions like large cylinders etc.
Industrial pneumatics belongs to our fields of activity since 1978. From then on, we enthralled many customers with technical expertise and innovative custom solutions.
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Pneumatic Accessories
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Industrial Pneumatics
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Vacuum Lifting Technology
(complete catalogue)
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Vacuum Technology
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Dosing Technology
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Product Range
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