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Presentation - Timmer GmbH

Pictures site I - Neuenkirchen :: please click the image

Pictures site II - Neuenkirchen :: please click the image

Timmer at trade fairs :: please click the image

Construction of site 1 :: please click the image

Timmer GmbH was founded in 1978 by Herbert Timmer. The ones which maintain an extensive business relationship to us will probably regcognize some of the logos or catalogues depicted below. In 2008, the new logistic center (Site I) in Neuenkirchen was build covering an area of over 20.000 m².

Timmer GmbH
Dieselstraße 37
D-48485 Neuenkirchen, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0)5973-9493-0
Fax: +49 (0)5973-9493-90
EMail: info@timmer.de

Additional pictures here:

Photos Site I - Neuenkirchen :: click

Photos Site II - Neuenkirchen :: click
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Timmer GmbH

Dieselstrasse 37
48485 Neuenkirchen

+49 (0)5973 9493-0
We offer ...
A great variety of products, low prices, custom solutions, on-site production and technical support for all fields of our activity: Pneumatics, pneumatic accessories, dosing technology, pumps, vacuum technology and vacuum lifting systems.
We work with pressurized air successfully since over thirty years, having started from the field of industrial pneumatics. Pneumatic pumps, ejectors and vacuum lifting technologies were then added. Today, we sell our products all over the world and have over onehundred employees.
Download Catalogue (PDF)

Pneumatic Accessories
(complete catalogue)
Download Catalogue (PDF)

Industrial Pneumatics
(complete catalogue)
Download Catalogue (PDF)

Vacuum Lifting Technology
(complete catalogue)
Download Catalogue (PDF)

Vacuum Technology
(complete catalogue)
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Dosing Technology
(complete catalogue)
Product Range
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