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Dosing Pumps

Dosing Pump
Proportional dosing pumps are solely powered by a stream of water and deliver a solvent (chemicals, fertilizers, wax, soaps, disinfection agents, medicine, etc.) proportionally to the flow rate into the stream of water. On this way, a solution with a distinct concentration of the solvent can be created and directed to the place of action. Due to external injection (available on request), the proportional dosing pumps are applicable nearly everywhere. The efficency of the pump ranges from 7 to 6800 liters per hour.

  • Independent of electricity
  • Reliable and precise preparation of a solutions with desired concentrations
  • Easy to use and maintain

Fields of application:
Bottling, car, truck, and train washes, dosing of medication, food industries, metalworking, fire fighting, odor control, wood treatment, disinfection, horticulture, animal breeding

The disperser is connected to a water supply as the water pressure serves as the driving force. The apparatus sucks the concentrate out of a container, regulates the desired percentage and mixes it to the water in the mixing camber. The generated solution is then transported into the water line. After a single regulation of the disperser, nothing else needs to be operated or controlled. The dosing of the fed product is constant even at eventual pressure or flow rate drops and proportional to the flow of water that passes the disperser.
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Dosing Technology
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On-site produced dosing technology and pumps for varied applications: Diapragm Pumps, High Pressure Pumps, Glue Pumps, Piston Pumps etc., as well as custom dosing solutions.
Since over twenty years ago, we construct pneumatic piston rod pumps and diaphragm pumps. As pneumatic specialists we apply a more innovative point of view than average pump technicians. Many of our innovations have been patent-registered by us.
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Dosing Technology
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