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Coagulant Pump

Koagulant Pump
When paint is applied to surfaces, there is always a percentage of “overspray“, which is caught by water-sprinkled walls of paint booths. To remove the paint from the water, coagulants are added so the water can absorb overspray once again.

As coagulants have high viscosity, dosing them is rather difficult. However, the Timmer’s coagulant pump solves this problem.

It is a pneumatically operating piston dosing pump, apt for coagulants with a viscosity of up to 100 000 mPAS.

Timing of the pump is controllable via a display. The following variants are enabled:
* saving the time
* timing
* quantity counting
* stroke counting

The pump can be integrated into pre-existing plants. We offer a large selection of models with customized solutions, such as regulation of pausing times or steplessly adjustable output. Handling the pump is easy and uncomplicated: Connect to pressurized air supply and the pump is ready to use.
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Since over twenty years ago, we construct pneumatic piston rod pumps and diaphragm pumps. As pneumatic specialists we apply a more innovative point of view than average pump technicians. Many of our innovations have been patent-registered by us.
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