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Glue pump for labelling machines

Timmer Glue Pump
We are manufacturers of glue pumps especially for labelling machines. Since many years, thousands of Timmerís glue pumps are successfully in use in wet-glue systems all around the world, as they are robust and are characterized by a long lifespan. Our customers are primarily from the field of food and drink industries (breweries, juice, winemakers, table water) but our pneumatically driven glue pumps are also fit for other fields of application like the furniture industry.

Timmerís glue pumps are driven by compressed air (approx. 6 bar). The drive piston is connected to the fluid piston via two external piston rods, and thus, this tried and tested seal-less drive prevents glue from intruding the pneumatic parts of the pump. Minimal pulsation is achieved by delivery of glue in both upward and downward strokes. The model featuring integrated heating units and electronic controls ensures constant temperature, which can be programmed via a display.

Heating and temperature controls:
Glue pumps are equipped with electronic, self-regulating temperature controls as a standard which can lower the glue consumption significantly. Glueing quality and glue consumption are significantly influenced by the temperature of the glue, the optimum of which depends on the glue in question and is generally given by the producer. Even temperature changes of very few degrees can lead to a considerably higher glue consumption or inhibit glueing qualities and may even require re-labelling. Thus, the Timmer GmbH implements new, digital heating controls into the pumps, which automatically prevents larger temperature deviations and, in turn, reduces glue consumption considerably. All the user has to do, is enter the nominal temperature. Another advantage which is also offerd by the glue pump is the quick heating (a couple of minutes) of the glue with a maximum of 700 W at 110V / 50Hz, or 1400 W at 230 V / 60Hz. This is especially important when the glue container needs to be changed or the labelling process is started. The heating controls are also available for the container glue pump so the glue can be taken out of the container virtually immediately and at processing temperature.

Quick facts about the glue pump:
  • developed for delivering glue in labelling machines
  • no leakages due to construction
  • exceptionally long lifespan and unproblematic
  • available with or without incorporated heating unit
  • rapid heating of the glue due to a multi-step heating system
  • little pulsation as the pump delivers in both upward and downward stroke
  • low-noise
  • large display for desired and actual values
  • good residual discharge of glue
  • glue funnel detachable due to bayonet catch
  • no contamination of the glue with labels or bottle parts because of double sieve
  • easy to use
  • small, compact built
  • Glue lid, inner part and suction pipe made of stainless steel
  • thousands of pumps in use all over the world
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Timmer GmbH

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48485 Neuenkirchen

+49 (0)5973 9493-0
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