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Diaphragm Pump 3:1

diaphragm pumps
double diaphragm pump: painting industries

After several years of development, Timmer introduces the new 3:1 double diaphragm pump with considerable technical advantages. The user obtains a pump that is very low on maintenance but has a long lifespan and is highly process stable. The internal pressure translation of 3:1 enables supply of high liquid pressure at low pulsation over long pipe lengths. The pump is commonly used in paint shops for metal, wood, and plastic parts, as well as machines, commercial vehicles, automobile or aircraft parts. Both aggressive, inflammable and pasty lacquers and paints can be processed.

A pneumatic double-diaphragm pump has two membranes (A and B) which are connected via a piston rod. Every diaphragm separates an air chamber from a chamber that contains the medium. If pressure is applied to the air chamber, diaphragm A is pushed into the medium chamber the medium is pushed out of the pump. After such a stroke, compressed air is distributed into air chamber of the opposite diaphragm B via respective valve operation so it now works as the operating diaphragm. Simultaneously, diaphragm A generates negative pressure in the medium chamber, so the medium to supply is being sucked in. The geometric appearance and technical-chemical properties of the diaphragms are crucial for the characteristics of the double diaphragm pump.

Long lifespan
The new 3:1 double diaphragm pump has a significantly larger lifespan than comparable models. This is because of new valve technology, that generates less wear and tear and because of the especially for this pump developed TIM-Flex compound diaphragm with an innovative form of the support disc.

Little pressure fluctuation
A common problem when using double diaphragm pumps in the paint industry is pressure fluctuations in the lacquers supply tubes which causes the paint job to be irregular. With the new pneumatic ceramic valve it is possible to reduce the switching times significantly and this reducing pressure fluctuation and pulsation considerably. Furthermore, the pump is exceedingly fit to supply constantly high pressure over long distances.

Starting and operating behaviour
The new valve technology furthermore enables block free operation. The double diaphragm pumps start reliably at considerably less than one bar compressed air and will not stop, while icing will not occur, either.

The diaphragms
The specially developed TIM-Flex diaphragms are single-part compound diaphragms, whose medium-contacting sides consist of PTFE and have a smooth surface. Thus, usage of diaphragm discs and mounting holes is obsolete and the diaphragms can be cleansed via simple flushing of the fluid chamber, as opposed to disassemble them (CIP). If diaphragm exchange is necessary, it is especially easy in this Timmer pump: Unscrewing only a few screws will enable easy and uncomplicated replacement of both diaphragms.

The pump has a translation ratio of approximately 3:1, which means that with a pressure supply of max. 6 bar the pump offers a delivery pressure of approx. 20 bar. Delivery capacity is max. 66 l/min and temperature of media should be within +5C and +65C. The housing is made from stainless steel and the pump is built according to ATEX CE Ex II 2G/D IIB TX and patented.
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