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Vacuum Lifters

The Timmer GmbH offers under the label ANVERRA an extensive range of products in the field of vacuum lifting technology.

Core competencies of the ANVERRA vacuum lifting technology are vacuum lifting devices like coil lifters, vacuum lifting beams, compact lifters, slit strip lifters, vacuum swivelling lifters, vacuum turning lifters, crane systems, vacuum assembly stations, and special vacuum lifters. Furthermore, Timmer offers comprehensive service and maintenance.

Our twenty sales engineers are in action all over the nation and will counsel you about all questions about vacuum lifting technology and crane systems from the very beginning to the very end of your project.

For the installation of the application, a team of competent and specially trained qualified personal is available.

Legal information:
Load suspension devices, such as vacuum lifters, vacuum cross beams or vacuum lifting devices, may, according to EU-guidelines, only be placed on the market and put into action if the following conditions are fulfilled:
  • Static analysis: Design, construction and manufacture of the lifting device in question must follow at least DIN-EN 13155 or the superior DIN-EN 15018.
  • Welding: All welding must be done by certified (according to EN 287-1) welders. Welding inspection and quality control must be done by a certified (according to EN 729) welding specialist.
  • Complete documentation: Operating instructions as well as the test and inspection record (about statutory yearly inspection of the application) must be created. A declaration of CE conformity has to be submitted. Compliance of safety regulations according to VDE, of the EU machine guideline 98/37/EG and of the Safety of Machinery Act GPSG and UVV has to be attested.
If the applications do not meet the requirements of the EU safety regulations, the carrier of the applications may be held responsible.

Vacuum Lifters Vacuum Lifting Cross Beams
Series TA-VHTS ...
Vacuum Swivelling Cross Beams Vacuum Swivelling Cross Beams
Series TA-VSTS ...
Vacuum Turning Cross Beams Vacuum Turning Cross Beams
Series TA-VWT ...
Coil Lifters Coil Lifters
Series TA-VSL ...
Heavy Duty Cross Beams Heavy Duty Cross Beams
Series TA-Schwerlast ...
Hose Lifters Hose Lifters
Series US ...
Special Lifters Special Lifters
Series TA-Sonder ...
Crane Systems Crane Systems
Series TA-Kran ...
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Timmer GmbH

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Vacuum Lifting Technology
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Not only standard vacuum lifters, but also solution-oriented support and custom special lifters to precisely meet your requirements. Furthermore we also take care of assembly, repair, maintenance, and examination according to BGV D6 (Accident Prevention Regulations).
In 1976, ANVERRA was one of the first suppliers of vacuum lifting devices in Germany. A couple of years ago, ANVERRA was taken over by the Timmer. Vacuum lifting technology offers varied synergy effects, especially in combination with our vacuum technology and Timmerís pneumatic product range.
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Vacuum Lifting Technology
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