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Vacuum pumps - type series mini


vacuum pump MINI

The vacuum pumps of series mini are small and light multi-step ejectors. They are used for expample in the field of automation technology and robot handling.

The advantages of the mini vacuum pumps are their very compact design and their very high suction power as well as their low air consumption (when compared with the one-step vacuum ejectors).

The mini vacuum pumps standard type are offered with L-specification or with M...L specification. Other specifications are available on request.

The L-specification is characterized by the high suction power of the vacuum pump. The vacuum level here is rather low (up to 70%).

The M-specification is characterized especially by the good suction power as well as by the higher vacuum level (up to 90%) of the vacuum pump. The M-specification offers the best combination of characteristics for the most vacuum applications in the industrial sector.

The H-specification is characterized especially by its high vacuum level (up to 99%) The suction power is not so important here.

The M...L specification is similar to the M specification, but the M ... L-vacuum pumps are especially designed for lower or fluctuating operational pressures.

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