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Vacuum Pumps

Advantages of our vacuum pumps (ejektors)
Energy efficient: optimal usage of compressed air energy due to the multi step principle.

High performance: End vacuum of over 90 % can be reached

Economic: Energy is only used, when vacuum is needed (timing).

Reacion speed: Immediate build-up of vacuum on demand of high suction performance

Operating Safety: The vacuum pumps do not use rotating parts that are subject to wear. The only energy source used is clean compressed air.

Further advantages: low noise level, easy installation, low-maintenance, position almost free to choose, compact build, little weight, etc.

Operation principle of the vacuum ejectors
The physique of our ejector vacuum pumps can be characterized by the terms Bernoulli equation and Venturi principle. Important is that (in opposition to our intuition) a streaming fluid has negative pressure compared to its environment. The mentioned physical laws are not only used for construction of vacuum pumps, but also for the water jet pumps you probably know from chemistry classes in school or the suction head of a carburettor.

It is characteristic for single-step ejektors to achieve, depending on design of the nozzle geometry, either a high end vacuum at little suction performance or high suction performance at low vacuum levels.

Our TIVAtec multi-step ejectors have additional nozzle steps integrated, so a maximal suction performance at little energy consumption and high end vacuum level can be achieved. Thus, in contrast to single-step ejectors or venture nozzles, the TIVAtec vacuum pumps enable optimal use of the energy, that remains in the compressed air after the first nozzle step.

Since following nozzle steps can not produce such a high vacuum as the first nozzle step can, the individual steps have check valves that close when pressure in the space to be evacuated is lower than in the space of the respective following step. Thus, the check valves close, when the pressure in the respective follow-up step is higher (e.g. 40% vacuum) than the pressure in the area to be evacuted. It is then only futher evacuated with the remaining nozzle steps.

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