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Vacuum Lifters: Vakuum Turning Cross Beams

Vacuum Lifters
These vacuum lifting devices which are built according to the module principle, provide great flexibility due to their freely adjustable traversing system. Because of the cross members and suction cups, which are also freely adjustable in length and width of the vacuum cross beam, the Anverra vacuum lifting cross beams adapt to their handling tasks the optimal way.

  • Long lifespan due to materials of excellent quality
  • Optional pneumatic or electric vacuum pump
  • Number of suction cups can be individually configurated
  • Great range of suction cups (material and form) for lifting various
  • Materials (metal, wood, plastics, glass etc.)
  • Acoustic safety warning system including rechargable battery,
  • which even maintains function and power outages
  • Turning motions electically put into practice
  • Controlling via pressure buttons: one for vacuum generation,
  • turning „back“ and „forth“
  • two buttons (pushed simultaneously) = release
  • vacuum gauge, vacuum container with non-return valve

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- Vacuum Turning Cross Beams Series TA-VWT... -

Due to powerful gear motors, the load can be steplessly turned into any position. End point detection is done via limit switches.
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Not only standard vacuum lifters, but also solution-oriented support and custom special lifters to precisely meet your requirements. Furthermore we also take care of assembly, repair, maintenance, and examination according to BGV D6 (Accident Prevention Regulations).
In 1976, ANVERRA was one of the first suppliers of vacuum lifting devices in Germany. A couple of years ago, ANVERRA was taken over by the Timmer. Vacuum lifting technology offers varied synergy effects, especially in combination with our vacuum technology and Timmer’s pneumatic product range.
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